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Arsenal of Love

by The Duke Street Liberation Army Band

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Around about 1973 or 4, a group of about 30 young hippies (you know who you are) lived communally at 122 N. Duke St. in York,PA. Four of us had our names on the lease, & everyone else came & went for about 4 or 5 years. Our Land-lady, Mrs. Gilbert was a Saint. A number of us were musicians & several were songwriters. We gathered around candle-lit tables & pot-luck meals, singing into the night, rehearsing for Be-In's & other public events, went skinny-dipping in natural bodies of York County water, read aloud from Kazantzakis, Hesse, The Upanishads, and forged, deeply, what have continued to be some of the finest relationships of our lives. Seyler (I think) once said, "These friendships were both College & Cathedral to me" (a sentiment I share). Somehow, we all became known as The Duke Street Liberation Army, though I don't remember how that originated.

Now, almost 40 years later, we've recorded a communal album of new songs together. Songwriters Greg Engle, John Terlazzo & Steve Seyler, and musicians / singers Beth Landis Lawrence, Michael Statler, Bob Hoke, Ryck Kaiser, Rick Terlazzo, Roy Frush, Roy Smith and (Engineer & Techno-Fakir) Doug Smith all gathered at Doug's Shab Row Studio in Frederick, MD. to begin recording after working out our parts & harmonies long-distance via email from our homes in Austin, Texas, Muncie, Indiana, Philly, Virginia Beach, etc. A dozen or more old friends writing songs together, singing harmonies & backing one another on everything from guitars (both electric & acoustic, violin, lap-steel, Indian harmonium, dobro, ukulele, & Irish Bouzouki to piano, organ, bass both fretless & fretful, drums & percussion and more...

The songs are more than varied - everything from R&R, R&B, folky love songs, & social justice finger-pointers, to wild old - style European Rants, to Country & Eastern music, to Pirate Sea Shanties, Mythical Blues, Tin Pan Alley, to mysterious hymns and I-won't-lay-down-and-die anthems - all original songs & all gathered here. Featuring, Marked for the Flame, Guess I’m Dreaming, Macedonian Queen, Stands a Different Man, Nothing to Defend, How Much is Enough, All That We Know, and more.