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Honor Among Thievess

by John Terlazzo & Voices in the Hall

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John Terlazzo's first album, released on vinyl in 1983. The album has recently become somewhat of an International curiosity of sorts when a reviewer raved about the songs in a review in Sweden's ACID ARCHIVES, a few years ago. As a result, the album has caught the interest of those who love songwriting & poetry on virtually every continent. Recorded by Roy Smith at Turtle Beach in the summer of 1983 (with assistance from Bob Hoke). All songs written by John Terlazzo. The 1983 incarnation of Voices consisted of John Terlazzo - guitar, vocals, Elizabeth Landis - vocals, Stephen Baker - bass, cello, Don Carn - violin, viola, cello, Chris Davis - vocals, piano, mandolin, bamboo flute, "trombones", Scott Snyder - violin, Rick Terlazzo - organ, John Skipp - electric guitar, Craig Spector - electric guitar, John Schmitt - clarinet, sax, Julian Agguire - Spanish guitar, Roy Frush & Mike Nemser - drums & percussion, Roy Smith - prophet, syn bass drum, Byron Borger joined us on Shasaishu chant. The album includes The Deserter, Seven Stars Over Sicily, Yell at the Moon, August 6th, 8:15 AM, The Old Code, and more.